Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance Made Easy

Don't risk missing your perfect Kauai, Hawaii vacation let alone losing all the money you put into reserving your vacation rental. Lucky for you, House of Dream Kauai Vacation Rentals has a large and extensive variety of travel insurance and protection plans available for purchase.


We know most travel insurance plans come off as a scam but with the investment you've made on your vacation, we recommend you protect it.  You never know what may come up unexpectedly.  


Whether it's lost luggage, canceled flights, or a medical emergency, an unexpected mishap can turn your trip into a taxing experience. Our trip cancellation and travel insurance services are designed to protect you. Our goal is to save you money, safeguard your journey, and make your stay memorable for all of the right reasons.


Any of the following events could be protected under the travel insurance plan you purchase: 

  • Your flight has been canceled
  • You need to cancel your trip due to hospitalization
  • Your bags are lost and your medication is in them. You need to have an emergency prescription filled.
  • Your passport and wallet are stolen, and you need emergency cash and a replacement passport.
  • You’re involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available. You need medical evacuation.
  • Inclement weather forces you to evacuate your vacation home.
  • There is even a policy called “Cancel For Any Reason” allowing you to cancel regardless of the reason

House of Dreams Kauai offers a range of products to meet your travel needs. Plans may include valuable medical coverage, trip interruption, coverage for theft of baggage and personal effects, accident coverage, emergency travel and health services, and more.


For peace of mind, be sure to have an adequate travel insurance policy before you leave home. For more information, please reach out to Kimmy at or call (808) 212-4384. For a summary of coverage,  please visit our travel protection program website.